Cakes & Cupcakes prices with muffin pricing

As of June 1st, 2021 I will be again making muffins only pre-ordered items. See below chart.


All prices are subject to change as needed for ingredient cost changes. These are the basic prices.

Any special order cake that requires specific toppers will be charged accordingly to the cost of that item and half of the shipping costs. 

ALCOHOL infused cakes will vary with number of servings and the kind of cake requested.

Sheet cakes: Starting at listed below, depending on images or decorations.  NON WEDDING pricing. For wedding pricing, check; 

Quarter sheet     (9×13)   = 20 servings  $30.00
Half sheet           (11×15)  = 36 servings  $45.00
Full sheet            (12×18) = 54 servings  $60.00

For Cake servings SEE CHART BELOW

Mini Bundt cakes 6/$12 

Large Bundt cakes $18

Bundt/Cake Flavors

Pumpkin-Citrus Bundt Cake
White Chocolate Raspberry
Red Velvet
Lemon Raspberry

Regular Cake Flavors (and seasonal)

Chocolate Peppermint (Chocolate cake, peppermint frosting, sprinkled with crushed candy cane)
Chocolate Raspberry (Chocolate cake, raspberry preserves filling, topped with raspberry icing)

Margarita (Lime zest cake, lime and tequila filling, lime frosting, topped with salt)

Red Velvet (Cream Cheese icing)
Chocolate~~Chocolate icing (may also have Vanilla icing)
Vanilla~~Vanilla icing
Lemon~~Either Buttercream icing or Cream Cheese icing in Lemon flavor
Pumpkin (cream cheese icing)
Spice (cream cheese icing)
Carrot~~ Cream Cheese icing
Pink Champagne (prices will reflect cost of champagne brand)
Peanut Butter Chocolate

ALL Holiday cake orders are 8″ cake sizes, prices will vary by flavor & ingredients.

CUPCAKES Minimum order: 24 cupcakes $1.50 each (one dozen is $18.00)
Cupcakes can be injected with a filling for an additional $.50 each. Any decoration such as colored sugar or sprinkles can be added per customer request, otherwise icing will be to match flavor of cupcake.

  • Red Velvet (Cream Cheese icing)
  • Chocolate~~Chocolate icing
  • Vanilla~~Vanilla icing
  • Lemon~~Lemon cream cheese icing 
  • Pumpkin (cream cheese icing)
  • Spice (cream cheese icing)
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry Chocolate (cake is chocolate with Raspberry icing)
  • Carrot~~ Cream Cheese icing
  • Pink Champagne (prices will reflect cost of champagne brand)
  • Mimosa Cupcakes (Prices will reflect cost of champagne brand)
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate

Cupcake prices will not be competitive with local vendors who mass produce theirs, these are made to order and my cost reflects the cost of the ingredients and my time.

Order Retainer 
For all cake orders over $50.00, we require a 50% retainer of the total cost of the cake(s) once order is placed. The total cost does NOT include the Accessories Deposit. This is a NON REFUNDABLE retainer. An order contract must be signed. No Exceptions.

Prices reflex dairy and other perishable ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, coconut flakes and butter. This includes any edible items ordered special for the cake. Prices updated April 2019.

ALL DELIVERIES have a fee. Under 20 miles $10. Over 20 miles will be $0.36/mile additionally. 




Jumbo Size Muffin Flavors: 6 Jumbo $11.99 or individual for $1.99

Jumbo Banana Muffins

Jumbo Banana Nut Muffins

Sparkling Jumbo Blueberry Muffins

Jumbo Double Chocolate Muffins

Jumbo Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Regular size Muffins  Flavors: 12 for $10.25


Banana Nut

Chocolate chip

Lemon blueberry

Lemon Poppy Seed