Now taking orders again!

Thank you for your patience and time for me to be with my husband during this time. It’s been hard going through a lot of changes, but now I can start taking some orders. If your event falls on a date that I can not do your order, then I will do my best to help find someone who might be able to help you!! Where have I been you are asking? Why did I take time off? My husband had a stroke on March 9th, the day before our wedding anniversary.

It was caused by kidney failure. He has only one kidney since birth, and since March 10th he has been on dialysis. On July 19th we both did Home Dialysis Training and came home on August 17th for good, at least we are hopeful on that. We have chosen to do the dialysis in the evening. So, if a birthday cake/cupcakes are needed, no problem! At least I hope no problem, if it’s a Lego design, you better order now so that I can at least figure out how to get the proper tools on that one!! 🙂 

Again, thank you for your patience! Lauri