The 15th Annual Bridal & Party Showcase

Today I participated in the 15th annual Bridal & Party Showcase sponsored by More 104.9 radio station. It’s my 2nd one since my first one in 2014. I had made four flavors of mini cupcakes; Almond, Chocolate, Lemon and Pink Champagne. I ended up with over 380 mini cupcakes!! Of course the Pink Champagne flavor was a major hit, usually this size of cupcake is a party taster. I’ve been asked if I will add them to the wedding cake menu. Yes, I will add them to the menu. As for pricing them? Well it will depend on the occasion they are asked for.

I like meeting new vendors, this way I can see who is out there that I can refer to if need be. Just like when I went to the Sheldon Bridal Show this past November 2021. I’m not sure how many I will do in the future but it’s good getting out there to see who’s who.

One of the vendors, is also a friend, Bobbi Hansen from Estherville, Iowa. Bobbi & her sister own Eventful Sweets, another home baker like myself. Of course they’re a lot further away from me, but we can work together when someone needs one of us and one of us is booked up, we just refer them over to the other one. I know it sounds confusing but trust me, having them as friends is a good thing. 

Other vendors that were there ranged from entertainment to table settings. I sat next to Cotton Creek Entertainment, a really nice couple! They’ve been in the business a very long time, I would trust them to provide great entertainment. I’ve never ridden in a limo, but there was one there that I swear was really cool!! IT holds up to 15 guests! Yeah that’s a limo! They are Northland Limo out of Humboldt, Iowa. There was a lady who sells Mary Kay, which we all know is a good company. Her name is Sue Wangler, she is located in Spirit Lake.

The lady that had several tables set up that really looked like a wedding was actually happening, yeah that’s pretty good, her name is Sherrie Wagner of Sher in the Moments. The venue can also be at the Clay County Events Center in Spencer, Iowa which is also at the fair grounds. So with these new connections, you the bride & groom have lots of options! Now that this event is over, it will be a great year! 

To look for these vendors follow this link