You need a chocolate related tip??

Here you are confronted with needing to bake something or even create some type of candy, you have no idea where to start and all the YouTube videos just don’t answer your questions. Ok let’s start with one that I’ve been learning to do recently (yes in the past four months in fact), it’s melting chocolate! Take for example the chocolate mold of a Tardis (Dr Who TV series on public television channel) see picture below.

So I bought this mold for a graduation order for 2 siblings since they’re both into Dr Who.

So it began, I melted the blue chocolate so I could pour into the mold, I originally wanted to bake a cake in it to see how that would turn out, oh it did, except the antenna broke! Yeah so back to just melting the chocolate and hoping that it would hold out for me. 

So you can see from the pictures above that my numerous attempts to get it to look the way I originally wanted, didn’t turn out. I thought I had started on this project much earlier than I assumed so it would be ready to go on the cakes as planned. Nope! Yeah that didn’t happen! So I ended up making brick Tardis’. 

I didn’t give up! As frustrating this kind of technique is at times, I didn’t give up! Just have patience if you are working with chocolate. There are other forms of chocolate so don’t feel too stressed if it doesn’t happen the way you have seen on YouTube videos, those people have been working with chocolate for a very long time. I just did these baby shower chocolates;

I re-did these several times in order for them to at least hold its shape and to at least look decent! 

The lady who picked these up said these were great! Me? Well I’m my worst critic!! So no matter what kind of mold you are working with, don’t give up, if you need to give yourself space from working on them, do so! Until my next post, have fun with making your chocolate designs!