New Book!!

Ok I have to spill the beans here! I went ahead and ordered a book with the majority of my recent cakes! So in the future that I can display them for others to look at when I have a table set up somewhere, like this past summer during Hartley’s Summer Celebration event that is the last few days of July and the first day or two of August, depending how the calendar is. I had set up a table then for cupcakes to sell. Now in the future I can share what I’ve done in the past to give them an idea of what they can expect!

Front cover


Nothing really fancy but it’s something to share with potential customers. That’s what really matters! I’m not like our local grocery chain stores’ bakery, or the Walmart bakeries where mass produced cakes are made then shipped in, I make these cakes according to the person who has ordered from me.

There are times when someone calls but has such a low budget (like a single parent) & can’t afford even my prices, I will work with them to provide a cake for their loved one. Even senior citizens who are on a strict budget I adjust my prices for their pocketbook! Next time you have an event coming up, give me a call, I’ll see what I can do for you!