It’s Autumn 2021!!

It’s now the middle of September and for me, the beginning of the Autumn cake & cupcake flavors to start the “holiday” season. Sure that sounds crazy to some, but for a home baker like myself, it means being creative with flavors we associate with fall, say like pumpkin. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing or even cinnamon icing, yum!! 

We have an apple tree that produces a lot of apples each year so much that we invite others to come & get what they want, we still have plenty leftover! Last year, we didn’t have many people stop to gather their share of apples because of covid-19. I didn’t make any apple related goodies either, but this year I hope to make caramel apple cake/cupcakes. I made these in 2014, I had fun making them that was for sure!! Not only are apples a favorite flavor, pumpkin, carrot, pecan, even chocolate is popular, actually it’s a popular flavor anytime of the year.

When making anything with apples, especially that includes cinnamon, just that cinnamon smell just reminds me of fall. When I make my caramel apple cupcakes, trust me those are soooo good! I make the homemade caramel, not that thick gooey kind of caramel, but the kind you can mix the apples with then drizzle on top of the buttercream icing! OOOOh so good! I used to have a good picture on my cell phone of the caramel, but when my phone died, I didn’t back up my photos so it’s gone! Sure I could snag a picture of a caramel apple cupcake from the various food blogger sites or recipe sites like caramel apple cupcake this one. 

You know, nothing looks as good as the photo you find on anything from cakes to clothing or in videos because it’s always edited. But I try to stay as real as possible when I make my cakes and other goodies. This year, I plan on more caramel apple cupcakes and cakes since I have that apple tree. I hope to have more spice cakes too! I won’t pass up any order for pumpkin cupcakes or cake. No matter what, just simple flavors is what keeps it fun and tasty!