Learning a new technique in making cakes

Ok so this isn’t exactly new to some, but for me it is. Years ago (like back in 2009) I tried to work with fondant. I didn’t like it. Now after talking with my favorite mentor Bo Hons   I learned to work with fondant again. I surprised myself! A customer asked for a special cake and I thought maybe I could do modeling chocolate on it so I messaged Bo and he said “much more versatile than modeling chocolate”. Well he was right! It’s not a pretty cake but I managed to get it on the cake and made lots of notes on what I need to do! As you can see below, a lot of imperfections! Hey it’s my first fondant cake! I know now what I need to do. I hope to do more in the future. I also learned to make SMBC, also known as Swiss Merengue Buttercream. Lots of cakers use this icing more than the regular American Buttercream which is what I typically use. I just need to know when to use the ABC or SMBC according to the event & weather. I’ll be the first to admit my mistakes, so here I am sharing them!