Setting appointments through video conference

With Covid-19 still hanging in there, it’s harder to receive orders with anyone who may have been in contact with someone else with the virus. I want to keep myself & my family as safe as possible. Wearing a mask is a huge part of that. So for all future appointments I will require you to set appointments in which you can have a video conference with me. I do use Zoom as a medium, I am open to other options that is available for each individual circumstances. The only major drawback is, I usually make a cupcake order as part of the taste testing.

Now, you will have to order a cupcake flavor and pay the usual for that specific flavor you want. To pick up your order I require full payment via either Venmo or if you wish, through Facebook, I will certainly can use our smart phones, I use Google Duo. Just click on either link when we set up the appointment time. If we go through Facebook, I prefer my personal page just send me a message. This is a safe way to communicate your needs. Sometimes the “tone” of a message is better heard vocally. Thank you for your time & patience!