Chocolate Drip Cake

I couldn’t believe I took on a fun task! Ok that’s kind of an exaggeration….it was different for me. Normally I stick to the usual because that’s what a majority of the people wanting a cake or cupcake want. I decided to give this a try! A Chocolate drip cake! I’ve seen so many others (lots of other home bakers) making gorgeous drip cakes! So I looked up one of my chocolate fudge cake recipes (I have kinda of a secret ingredient I put in) and made a chocolate ganache drip cake. For me ganache is a tricky fellow a lot like meringue is for me. Melting chocolate is a patient kind of task. I liked this cake though. So did the lady who received it for her birthday! I’m happy to make someone’s day, it’s worth all the effort! I hope to make more!