Then Covid-19 Happened

Wow what a year it has been so far…if you talked to me a year ago and asked if I could see crazy things happening, I wouldn’t have had an answer!! January & February started out typical for me, but then Covid-19 happened and the state of Iowa did a partial shut down (the areas where the virus was hardest hit shut down completely other than the essential services like grocery stores) in my area…well it was just find until the state fully opened! The numbers rose quickly!

During all of this (and still going on) the prices of meat and some dairy products rose so high I wasn’t sure how I could get just our groceries without sacrificing something else. Regardless, this is the new normal and I have to accept it. Here it is August 23rd, 2020 and the summer of 2020 is half way over and many school districts are starting their fall semesters in the next few days. This week (August 23rd to August 29th) is going to be a hot one!

I’m getting some more orders which I’m happy about, those that I talk to are just fine with my Covid-19 policy on pick up/deliveries so I think fall will be just like the Summer 2020 has been. Some of the ingredients have gone up because the general public can’t seem to be without so they stock up, which makes it harder for me to get those items or if they are available the price is higher, so that means I have to charge more. 

Sure everyone else might be paying the same prices that I am for some items, but my need for those items is double of what I would normally need. Remember when there was the bird flu of 2015? Eggs were expensive then too. Dairy items like butter (which is the biggest staple that I use in baking and making my icings) in 2018 were also high. I’m adjusting what I can and still help you stay within your budget. That’s the primary goal. Making sure your event cake tastes good! 

So yes Covid-19 happened and we have to move forward but still stay in the guidelines that the state and our government recommends.