Prices of Dairy is affecting my prices

Today I went shopping to get supplies for the buttercream icing that I make from scratch. Boy was it a shocker! I looked at the various butter brands and it was high! As you can see from the price tags that it’s from Wal-Mart, I went to two other locals stores, it’s the same pricing!

2014-10-14 13.35.44

2014-10-14 13.35.49

After going through my figures to calculate the cost of making icing for a batch of cupcakes, it’s $5.00. Which means I have no choice but to raise the cost of my cupcakes and cakes. Anything that I make buttercream icing, has to go up.  In order to accommodate you the customer and your desire for specialized baked item, I have to make a living. I buy not only the FOOD supplies, but I buy the packaging supplies, and I deliver.  I make from scratch which means NO preservatives. It’s made fresh and not frozen. When I bake a cake, it’s make to give you a smile and know that it’s not a duplicate like you would see in Wal-Mart or a local grocery store. Just know that I’m baking with you in mind.