A Wise Woman should be listened to

One of my favorite cake designers, Kerry Vincent, is a wise woman. Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show director Kerry Vincent is a Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, judge of The Great Australian Bake Off, and Food Network Challenge, author of the best selling Romantic Wedding Cakes, and a freelance writer. I’m connected with Kerry on Facebook, since I started taking a more serious approach in baking cakes and other goodies. I watch what Kerry comments on or says. It’s important to learn from the experienced bakers/designers.

The most recent lesson to learn was the copyright issue on Facebook. Here’s what I’m talking about:

FB copyright rules on pictures

Why would this be so important to me? Well for one thing, it’s my design even if I ask permission to copy from another designer and I don’t want someone else to have a copyright over my picture of my design. I certainly don’t feel comfortable knowing that another entity has a “right” to copyright my pictures on my profile or page. Kerry’s a lady that I trust and do listen to. She’s a wise woman! Someday I hope to go to the Oklahoma Sugar Show and meet the Wise woman Kerry Vincent! Until then I will continue to bake my cakes and post them here instead on Facebook.