Why you should buy from a Home baker….

The ingredients that are placed in a baked item are 10 times fresher than what you might think from a grocery store. You really have no idea what goes into a product that is MASS produced, whereas the product that is home made is exactly that! Let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Check this out, Automated cake icing. This is how large grocers like Wal-mart can produce cakes for less that it would be for a home baker. If you read the ingredients on many of the store bought cakes you’ll find that there are ingredients like; Propylene Glycol.

Of course the FDA has approved these kinds of ingredients for human consumption. Do I want that in my cakes? NO! Also if you look at the names of the ingredients, many of the words are not normally pronounceable. The majority of them are fake chemical fillers and food-like substances that are obviously not real food. When I use chocolate for my cakes and icings, I use Hershy’s chocolate baking cocoa or a unsweetened baking chocolate that I melt.


Normally I do not freeze my cakes, I keep them refrigerated and wrapped up to three days before decorating and delivering. I do this entirely different from my peers in the cake world. Each of us do our business differently. Many are still cake hobbyists may receive cash donations for their cakes to cover the costs of ingredients. If you are curious, of their cakes, ask to see pictures and order a cake to get an idea of how they bake their cakes! You can’t go wrong in just finding out!

In spite of the laws for packaging ingredients for major companies, it may depend on the state laws for home bakers to follow the same guidelines. They require what the ingredients are and either net weight or a count. That’s for something that is going for Farmer’s Market. It’s not easy to weight a wedding cake. This is for packaging baking items.

When it comes to a personal touch, I strive to give you just that, not like this;Impersonal decoration. Instead, I prefer to be more like this;

I want to make you feel good about a good cake with a quality that I stand behind. NOT a commercialized cake like I’ve shown you. When you are ready to order, let me know what I can do for you!