What’s a Cake site so interested in the Farm Bill for?

I’ve been asked this very question; What’s a cake site so interested in the Farm Bill for? Let me tell you why. First of all, we bakers depend on dairy products that goes into your succulent baked items that we provide. Since my last posting in December 2013, I wrote about the farm bill and it  would mean that without action, parts of the law will revert to the original 1938 and 1949 versions, resulting in milk prices as high as $7 a gallon.  I’ve been following any information that’s not on any news station reporting, my only avenue is online reporting.

I know we all do not want to have this not pass and have to pay outrageous milk prices….it isn’t just going to affect me, it will affect everyone. Including those who provide the dairy products. Right now Congress has been talking about the Unemployment benefits. According to one source here’s what Congress has to do by January 15th (gee I guess they’re cutting it close) :                  1) Avoid a government shutdown.  2) Decide whether to extend emergency unemployment insurance. 3) Decide whether to extend 55 different tax breaks. 4) Pass a farm bill. 5) Confirm Janet Yellen as the Federal Reserve chief. 6) Avoid a debt-ceiling fiasco. And 7) Manage a bunch of other legislative debates, from immigration to flood insurance.

Let’s get back to this Farm Bill, as long as Congress does what they are supposed to do, and avoid the government shut down again. Which can happen. Yes, that’s right. If the House and Senate don’t pass a big spending bill before Jan. 15, we get another government shutdown. It’s not very likely, but it is a possibility.  Right now, no one’s overly worried about this. That’s because Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen Patty Murray (D-Wash.) reached an agreement in December to set overall discretionary spending levels at $1.012 trillion for 2014. That takes most of the friction out of this debate. Still, appropriators now have to pass an actual spending bill (or bills) to decide how much each agency gets and what priorities get funded.

This is why I’m posting about the Farm Bill, I don’t want my prices to go up based on the Congress’ action of not getting it passed. We are all affected. Right now my prices are high enough for me to stay in business and for you to afford. We’re all in hard times. Everything we do to save some money and still enjoy the little things is all for the best! YOU want a quality baked item and I want a smile!