Always willing to learn!

I am always willing to learn something new, even if it’s something that I don’t do as a trade. I have a regular facebook page and then my buiness page on facebook in which I usually scroll my friend’s walls to see their work or what’s new!

Elegant Cakes is a friend I’ve not met, but we live about half hour or so apart from each other and I took the time to scroll her timeline wall, so glad I did! I found this Why do Custom Cakes Cost so Much?

After reading it, I knew my choice of living has always been right! I’m always willing to learn something new and even try it once. I’m even learning to change the cost of my orders to reflect my time and cost but still be in the customer’s budget.

Reading that Caker’s thoughts on why the cakes she bakes costs the way they do, makes me feel even more confident about how I’m operating my own venture. Never be afraid to learn something you’ve never done before, if you haven’t done it, how do you know you’ve not going to be good at it? 🙂

Enjoy the first week of September!