2013 A new begining

In the past year, I have stayed focused on my father and his health instead of going forward to get my business off the ground. Well my father has joined my mother in Heaven and it’s time to have a new Beginning!

This also means that Lauri’s Cakes & More will be growing into a new phase! Expanding in physical size to meet the growing demand for what I prepare for the current customers and the future customers! 

Since I prefer to stick with what works, the traditional taste with a modern flair, I keep it simple and elegant and well plentiful! One of the freshest products that I use is butter from Associated Milk Products Inc.


 I have found that the icing that I make from their butter not only tastes better but works much better and is less in fat. In the past I used other brand name butter but couldn’t get the icing to work as well.

By choosing a LOCAL company, I’m keeping our rural area working! That’s a new beginning for Lauri’s Cakes & More!

I’m not going to compete with Wal-Mart or other local large chain grocery stores, for what they have is mass produced. I only bake when an order comes in. This way it’s fresh! When the Farmer’s Market opens us and I have an order to fill requiring fresh fruit, my prices will reflect on this. It’s important to make sure you the customer are getting a good fresh baked product. 

I look forward to a strong new beginning! If you are ready to walk with me, let me know! I’ll be glad to assist you in something sweet!