Preparing to Explore new Options

Since returning to NW Iowa from Arkansas about nine in a half months ago, I’ve been wanting to explore new options about my small home baking business. We all know that location can make or break you, and well since coming back to my home area, I

have been wanting to branch out a bit. Not grow bigger but have a bigger space but not like a big bakery. I don’t make yeast breads but I will make banana bread or another kind of quick bread. I’m not a specialized bakery. I want to mainly focus on cakes and cupcakes then the MORE of my business when someone wants something different like say apple crisp, then why sure! 

I’m a Christian, so I’ve been praying that I’ll have my ideal baking space, bigger than what it is now. I know when it’s right it will come, but if I move in the coming months, watch for an update!